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Not Your Grandfather’s Construction Job.

Imagine the pride of standing atop a building you helped build, looking over your city. Imagine being able to provide for your family because you earn not just a good wage, but a good wage with great benefits. Imagine you get to work with high tech tools, learn a wide variety of skills and work in a safe environment while building something amazing.

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Check out amazing local programs:

Our local Wall and Ceiling Contractors hire carpenters, plasterers, drywall finishers, laborers, estimators, project managers and more positions at top wages and benefits to build the most amazing structures in the region. Start by checking out these amazing local training programs where you can apply for a career:

  • Be a carpenter: frame the wall and hang the drywall… Pacific Northwest Carpenter Institute –

  • Be a drywall finisher: make the wall smooth and pretty… Painter and Drywall Finisher Training Center –

  • Be a plasterer: build with stucco, venetian plaster, fire proofing material and more… Plasterers Training Center -

  • Be a laborer: Clean up and assist the other trades: Laborers Training Center and Campus -

  • Be a project manager, estimator or other exciting roles by applying directly to one of these contractors: Find a Member"


Goals & Options

What options do you have? Do you want to lead, manage, carry the tools or design new buildings?

There is a path for you.


Would you like a high tech career that includes really building something?


Can you imagine driving through town and pointing out all the buildings to your future kids or grand kids.


Want to work with a diverse team to create something amazing?

Personal Stories

What’s your story?

Career Advice

Do you need a little advice on how to start a career, learn a craft and begin earning?


From High Rises to High Tech, construction has amazing opportunities to work, live and grow in a long term career. Join us today!


Developing Construction Technology


There are new and exciting technologies coming to the industry. Check out how augmented reality can help people build.